100 Best Food to Introduce In The First Year

As a parent we always wanted our children to eat healthily and live a better life. From day one when I have started introducing solids to my baby, I have tried all the below list of foods. There were days when there was a rejection; I respect his choice or interests.

Initially, I started with vegetables first, then grains in the form of kichadi, roti, dosa and then we did fruits. Very quickly I moved to family food, I would cook using all the ingredients mentioned above and more (avoiding salt, sugar, red chilli and store-bought masala like sambhar masala, pav bhaji masala kinds).

Babies need exposure to all kinds of textures, when it comes to eating, it gives them a chance to learn as well as explore.

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These are the 100 food items I introduced to my baby in his first year of life. I had a handwritten note, where I would tick off each thing when it was done. Remember breast milk/formula milk is the main source of nutrition till the age of 1, food is complementary feeding! Have fun with food and don’t worry too much! Expose to various food, textures and taste! Whatever weaning method you are comfortable in, we went for the baby-led weaning.

We used this list and made various forms out of it!

Slice through the slices and see all the 100 items and how I introduced them.

100 Best Food To Introduce In The First Year

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