100 Best Food to Introduce In The First Year

As a parent we always wanted our children to eat healthily and live a better life. From day one when I have started introducing solids to my baby, I have tried all the below list of foods. There were days when there was a rejection; I respect his choice or interests. Initially, I started with vegetables first, then grains in the form of kichadi, roti, dosa and then we did fruits. Very quickly I moved to family food, I would cook using all the ingredients mentioned above and more (avoiding salt, sugar, red chilli and store-bought masala like sambhar masala, pav bhaji masala kinds). Babies need exposure to all kinds of textures, when it comes to eating, it gives them a chance to learn as well as explore. If you are looking for information about weaning check this article topic related to weaning These are the 100 food items I introduced to my baby in his first year of life. I had a handwritten note, where I would tick off each thing when it was done.

Nutrition-dense Food

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