Nutrition-dense Food

What is Nutrient-rich food? In simple language nutrient-dense, is a food that is rich in nutrients as per the number of calories it has in it. So even if a little amount is consumed by the baby, as babies eat less quantity, it’s still impactful to the body. What should a toddler eat in a day? You might be searching on the internet about what to offer for a 1-year-old baby or what to offer toddlers, this article helps you understand how to make healthy food for a child. Here’s a rough chart that helps you understand what all you are supposed to offer in a day  (24hour) πŸ›‘Note: Every child has a different appetite, our job as a caregiver is to offer a balanced meal, trust them and encourage all the good practices. πŸ“Œ Carbohydrates/ grains 3 portions (examples Roti, rice, millets, oats, quinoa, etc) πŸ“Œ Protein 2 portion  (egg, chicken, nuts, nut butter, meat, legumes: chickpea, moong, etc) πŸ“Œ Fruit   1 portion  (banana, apple, mango, plum, etc) πŸ“Œ Vegetables 1 portion  (Seasonal vegetab

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